Yacht Delivery together with Marinkraft

Yacht Delivery is the perfect solution for all who don't have the prospect or, for whatever reason, the time to cruise over the sea to your intended destination.
The reasons are many and varied as to why you might consider hiring a yacht delivery company to lend you a helping a hand.

But no matter your specific reason, your wish is clear; getting your vessel transported from one harbor to another without you having to be on ship and steering the wheel.

Whether you are a yacht owner, a yacht broker, dealer or builder, Marinkraft are specialists when it comes to marine recruitment and maritime transporation.

Since 2014 have we helped our customers find the most suitable individuals for their specific commissions. Among our many possible recruitments we have professional sellers, mechanics, electricians and shipyard workers at your service.
We guide companies and workers everyday so that they will succeed in their daily endevors.

The prerequisits for a safe yacht delivery

While you might rather be the captain of your vessel, at times it is wise to allow experts to help you out. And when you do the best partnership comes from likeminded people who are also sailors and captains.
Transporting a vessel from point A to point B requires planning and it's usually not something that's done on a whim.
The conditions and safety mesures vary depending from where your vessel is at the starting point and to where you want it delivered.
There are a few key factors that we will take in account while we consider your needs and how we best can help you, and those are:


  • Your vessel is in a condition that allows it to travel the distance you want
  • A realistic timeframe for your delivery
  • That the season for your yacht delivery is appropriate and does not endager either lives or your yacht (We will not sail over the Atlantic Ocean during a hurricane season for example)


Once you have taken your time and gone through our conditions, this is the service we can provide you with in return;

  •  Consultation - we discuss your wishes and what you expect from the yacht delivery
  • Preparation - systems check, safety, navigation and spare parts inventory
  • Planning - we can help you find a suitable route for your voyage
  • Proposal and quotation
  • A yacht delivery with a professional, experienced and licensed crew
  • A complete yacht cleaning and a comprehensive post-delivery report

Taking your time to go through the above will help both you and us with communication so that your yacht delivery is smooth sailing.

How does our yacht delivery service work?

  •  You contact us and inform us about what kind of vessel you have and which harbour is the starting point, as well as your end destination
  • We then gather a crew of 2 - 4 individuals depending on vessel and the intended distance
  • You are notified through mail about your vessel's position at all times and there is always someone you can contact and who is ready to answer your questions.
  • Post-delivery your yacht is cleaned out and you are given a comprehensive reportYour vessel is then ready to set sail whenever you wish.

Recruitments for a competent and experienced crew for employment in Sweden and the whole world

Recruitment of an experienced crew and how to help this resource flourish is Marinkrafts specialty! We understand our customers wishes and we can therefore provide you with the most fitting candidate, with the right kind of competence, for employment at companies in Sweden and beyond our Scandinavian borders.

Our recruitment helps you find competent and professional staff with experience working at sea.
All individuals that we recruit for our customers have;

  • Knowledge and/or experience of the various needs that exist in the marine world.
  • Understanding about our customers demands, wishes and their needs
  • An effecient way of working and finish their tasks with high quality

We promise you that we will help you find the most suitable crew that will help you bring your vessel safely to your intended destination.


We at Marinkraft know how to help companies find the right kind of individual among all marine professions. We recruit mechanics, engineers, project manager and more so that all your needs are met.

Our office is in Stockholm, Sweden, but we recruit candidates all over Sweden.

We are well aware that it's not easy to hand over things for which there is deep care. To allow other people to transport your yacht requires trust, and we promise you that we know the value of the trust our customers offer us.

We welcome you our service at Marinkraft, we are your best partner when it comes to recruitment for a crew experienced for a yacht delivery.


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